Diversity is a symbol of uniqueness

Unfortunately, the word discrimination has always been part of our Italian vocabulary.

How many times do you see on Tik Tok or Instagram or on television stories of people who have been attacked either by words or by violence solely for their origins or skin color? It can’t be possible in the 21st century!

The question is: why is it difficult to accept others. We must speak of the individual at birth. In fact, when you are small you are not able to talk or deal with issues but when you grow up and therefore start attending school or work environments, you begin to take part in discussions between friends, professors, colleagues, relatives, etc..

The individual is formed, that is, he begins to acquire a cultural background that reflects his personality and above all his values.

For this reason, it must be said that if a person is born with values such as equality, peace, and fraternity, he will never have the idea of discrimination but if he is in contact with people who do not understand that we are human beings with different physical and behavioral characteristics, we begin to have behaviors that destroy society.

In conclusion, discrimination arises when one wants to be superior to the other but above all when stereotypes are created which then become difficult to eliminate, so for these reasons it is difficult to accept the other.

Diversity is precious because it allows you to be a citizen of the world and you must know and appreciate man, his values, and traditions.

We must begin by ourselves to change the world and only in this way we will have results.

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Claudia Caruso


4°B1 Liceo Linguistico Enrico Medi Barcellona Pozzo di Gotto