In the picture above you can see from the right my roommate Giacomo, Clelia, me and the rest of my mates in an adventure we started at school with the proposal of a project named “Discover Scotland” in which a group of students of my school was elected for this trip.
On the left my English teacher Mrs. La Bella, project manager, and the tutor Mrs. Fazzio, both accurate and available (although sometimes we tested their patience, we had a lot of fun).
Behind us the University of Saint Andrews, one of the most important and ancient universities of the country, in fact, as a 600 year-old institution, it is known across the globe as a world leader in education.
The trip lasted almost 3 weeks and we stayed in Edinburgh sorted in host families and, as I said before, my roommate was Giacomo, a nice guy, very funny, with whom I had a great time and I spent unforgettable moments.
We were hosted by an elderly woman, called Mary, who was not very friendly and, if I have to be honest, neither the house was very welcoming, but nonetheless we adapted very well. In the house there was another group of students from Milan and so we got the chance to know other nice people.
Here we spent only some evenings and the nights because during the day we went to an English school, located in a wonderful building in the centre of the city, every morning and rarely in the afternoon from Monday to Friday and we were divided into classes with students of other schools. I was very lucky to be in a fantastic class with nice guys who made the lessons seem like a moment of tranquility and fun as well as essential to learning.
After school, and usually also on Saturday and Sunday, we went to visit the monuments, or museums, parks of Edinburgh or we went to other cities, such as the wonderful experience in Glasgow where we spent an entire day in that city visiting for example the Kelvingrove Museum which was lovely. Another example of an excursion was that one on the photo above, in the university city of Saint Andrews where we visited the wonderful castle, in a picturesque location overlooking the sea with a view that words cannot describe.
In the evenings we had time for some special experiences with my friends, for example we went out in the city, or we went to a special restaurant called Cosmo, in game rooms, to the cinema, to the bowling centre and one evening we organised a football match with the other guys we knew at school.
We had the opportunity to visit the city overall and I was attracted by the museums of the city and especially “Calton Hill”, a hill from which you have the best view of Edinburgh, so beautiful that it is advisable to go there both day and night to admire the city in all its glory.
During one day, while we were going to school, we discovered that in the meanwhile there were shooting “Fast and furious 9” and it was amazing because we had the possibility to watch the dynamic of the film shooting.
It was a beautiful experience because we had the opportunity to visit new places, to know new cultures and new people; it made us more responsible and despite the difficulties it was exciting to learn about their lifestyle habits, in fact traveling is one of the best ways to enhance personal growth. It enables you to do things that are different from your daily routine activities. This experience particularly impressed me, a journey never ends because it remains in our memory.

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My trip in Malta gave me very good feelings! First of all, the school environment was very nice, and the teachers were.  very gentle and

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