This article deals with a very current topic, which in my opinion is very underestimated, discredited, and considered inferior.

It is called “destined to fail”, a text from Il Giornale, which talks about the sinking that the law of the Zan Bill has suffered by Forza Italia.

The Ddl Zan against homotransphobia is a bill for the prevention and contrast of discrimination and violence for reasons based on sex, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, and disability.

It was born from the amalgamation of several bills presented by various parliamentarians and integrates the Mancino Law of 1993, extending to other categories subject to prejudice and discrimination (LGBT people, women, and the disabled) the protections already provided by the Italian code for those who are persecuted for racial, ethnic, religious or national reasons. It, therefore, does not introduce new measures but merely expands existing ones. Most European countries have long had similar laws, but unfortunately, Italy has not yet reached this kind of mentality.

Article 1 of the Zan Bill defines the terms used to describe the categories that suffer violence and discrimination by virtue of what they are (and not what they do) and for this, they must be protected. One of the objections that have been made against the Zan Ddl is that these definitions introduce a new concept in the Italian legal system, that of gender identity. Article 2 of the Zan Bill updates article 604-bis of the criminal code. It is one of the articles that regulate “crimes against equality”, establishes that any organization, association, movement, or group having among its purposes the incitement to discrimination or violence for racial, ethnic, national, or religious reasons is prohibited. Anyone who participates in such organizations, associations, movements, or groups, or provides assistance to their activities, is punished, for the sole fact of participation or assistance. The Ddl Zan intervenes on this already existing article of the penal code and changes the initial, adding to carry out these acts of discrimination also with regard to issues based on a person’s personal orientation, on his gender, on gender identity, or about his disabilities.

This article basically talks about how the Zan Ddl is destined to fail, because, even today we do not have such an open mind as to be able to “accept” people who have a different sexual orientation from their own and are seen as different and for this, they are judged, discriminated against, verbally and physically bullied, even in the most common places, and which should be safe, such as schools, which should among other things educate children not to commit certain actions.

Italy is one of the few countries in the world, which has remained with this ancient mentality, so much so that it cannot accept these people, considered “different” only for differences in their gender.

I hope that with the passage of time, even changing the heads of politics, all this can change and can end, to live all more peacefully and in a more equitable world, without this kind of distinction.

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Miano Alessandra


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