Covid: its effect on teenagers

If we were to synthesize the last two years with a word, we’d probably think “fear”.

The fear of finding out to be positive to covid, to infect their family members, or even the fear of dying.

The fear of contagion has also led to a drastic reduction in social relations and if on the one hand lockdowns were necessary, on the other they have created extremely difficult situations to manage, both inside and outside the home, even for younger people.

This category of people tends to go unnoticed, but in reality, the pandemic is having strong repercussions on children and adolescents that are affecting their normal development.

In recent years there has been a worsening in the quality of sleep and greater difficulties in concentration in children, while among adolescents there has been an increase in depressive symptoms.

Young people because of Covid are losing the best years of their lives.

Adults often underestimate their mental state, as they consider superfluous things that are essential for adolescents.

For example, a simple party or a date with friends can revolutionize a guy’s day. On the contrary, staying at home, isolated from everyone, will bring into the mind of a guy negative thoughts.

We should focus more on the terrible years that young people are going through and we should try to do everything possible to return them the fun they have lost.

Even worse is the situation of children, who are born and raised believing that it is normal to wear a mask. They’ll probably never get used to people with their faces exposed.

All this is unacceptable, we need change! Everyone wants to return to life as before, and hopefully, over time and thanks to vaccinations, the end of the pandemic is near.

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Simona Romano


4°B Liceo Linguistico Enrico Medi Barcellona Pozzo di Gotto


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