Since the beginning of the pandemic lots of things have changed in the world of music, as it is now impossible for everyone to do the things that we used to consider “normal”, like going to a live concert or meeting people in the crowd.

The crisis generated by the Coronavirus has overwhelmed the entire music sector, due to restrictions imposed by the high number of infected people in the world. Music has been damaged, starting from gigs cancelled up to music stores shut down. 2019 had been a great year for concerts, with nearly over 372million euros for eleven million tickets sold. The important numbers we have are those of Firenze Rocks 2019, of Movement Torino Music Festival and Kappa Futur Festival.

However, the virus has not stopped music. Thanks to the world of streaming, the help of smartphones and online booking, the music industry has managed to cover its losses if not to bounce back. The first live concert followed in streaming at the Arena of Verona took place on 6th September 2020. The proceeds from that concert went to support the fund “Covid19 – Sosteniamo la Musica” supported by Spotify, aimed at the categories of the music industry most affected by the effects of the pandemic. During the first lockdown in march Fedez, an italian singer and influencer, held a gig show from his balcony: 1.2 million fans enjoyed the live show on Instagram because of the restrictions and the fact that they had to stay home.

The numbers that we have recorded during these concerts in streaming are even higher than the ones that they usually get in live concerts.

It is amazing to see what is being done to help the music world rise again, hoping that this nightmare ends as soon as possible.

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Sara Battiato, Paolo Marte, Giorgia Rafalà, Sara Santangelo.




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