Covid: An Eternal Loop

It was 2019 when I got the news that I shouldn’t have gone to school. I remember I was super happy because I would have missed the Latin test. I made a video call with my classmates, singing and dancing with the same intensity as when we won the World Cup… who expected that day would be the first in a long series?

The Covid is now an ugly beast to live with and without a shadow of a doubt, it has upset everyone’s life. The real question is, how are social relations at the time of the pandemic?

Some words don’t convey anything but… if I mention the name “isolation”?  This word makes my blood run cold because I relive the feeling of fear and suffocation. Forced distance in fact has destroyed everyone’s dreams and projects, it has caused problems for freelancers and it has killed art. We all know that art is freedom, history, passion and in this period it has become for many a ghost.                                                            

Anyway, in such a delicate period, technology has been both our friend and enemy… how many video calls have we made and how many movies have we seen in a moment of nostalgia for real life? We’ve probably lost track. Don’t we?                                                                                                                                                      

From the windows, people shouted “everything will be fine”… we began to delude ourselves of the return to a normal life that I don’t really remember what it’s like anymore. Not all people have the strength and the courage to face a new life, probably because the one before was too hectic. Now it’s all dull, an endless loop.

 A smile, a hug, a kiss during a sunset, the songs sung with friends, Christmas holidays with the family, having fun with the classmates are all moments in life that we are missing. I understood that together, life is better because time passes quickly and all become magic.

Sadly because of loneliness, the loss of work, or the difficult coexistence within the walls of the house, our state of mind has been altered. Unfortunately for these reasons the use of drugs and alcohol, the growth of anxiety or depression, and frequent cases of domestic violence have increased.

We live in a society where chaos reigns: no vax people, rules that change all the time, lack of distance, or people who have no civil respect. If we all respected the basic rules and understood the value of democracy, the pandemic would probably end faster, but above all, we would feel closer to each other.

In conclusion, I do not feel like saying “I hope the covid ends up at the most” because we all wish it, but I would like to make a reflection on the fact that life is unpredictable, so the Covid despite being our enemy, taught us to be strong and positive (not in all senses) but above all made us understand the value of love that has always been put in the background. Now we would all like a hug, even from the people that this monster has taken away from us… a promise that we must make is to risk, love, and never put off until tomorrow because life can be taken from us at any time.

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Claudia Caruso


4ªB1 Liceo Linguistico Enrico Medi Barcellona P.G.


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