COVID 19- Social relations at the time of the pandemic

Do you remember the times when you could freely hug and kiss your loved ones?

With the rapid development of the pandemic, it has become a necessary part of our daily life and work. We find ourselves living in a new era that requires the distance between people, the use of the mask, and the collaboration of all to improve and protect us from the Covid-19.

There are numerous consequences of isolation and forced distancing of students like sentiments of depression and anxiety. First of all, when we stay at home for a long time and we can’t go out with our friends, we’ll be depressed. Secondly, the students can’t study comfortably with online lessons due to connection problems. Certainly, connection problems are not the sole reason that creates anxiety. All this situation provokes unnecessary worries, as a result, we’ll think about how our exams will be like or we’ll fail them.

The technology of the twenty-first century has been a great support for us. In the period of quarantine, we could see our friends and relatives by video calls. We can pay bills or make wire transfers without leaving home and without risking being infected in crowded banks and post offices. Despite these functions were used before the Covid-19, more and more people are making use of them.

On the contrary, communication technology has made physical boundaries almost irrelevant. Firstly, technology hasn’t met the needs of those who want more than just a video call. In fact, these kinds of social relations are, according to them, detached and cold, or as they say, it creates illusions of communication. Secondly, not even the best online lesson can fully replace personal contact with our teacher or our classmates.

To be honest, everyone wants to go back to old times. I’m sure that we’re doing our best to make our days better. Are you sacrificing yourself for your own and the health of others? If so, you’re a hero!

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Zhang Alessia


5^B Liceo Linguistico IIS Medi Barcellona PG, Messina


My trip in Malta gave me very good feelings! First of all, the school environment was very nice, and the teachers were.  very gentle and

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