We know that from the end of 2019 until today the world has been struck by the pandemic of Covid-19. This has caused a lot of victims in all the world, about more than 2 million people. It has caused a total sanitary and economic block around the world. Every nation has decided to use the lockdown to arrest the pandemic.

But there are many people who believe the virus is a result of different and absurd plots.

But what are the plot theories?

The plot theories are beliefs that some events are manipulated secretly by superior forces to damage the government systems and the people. These theories have six things in common:

  • First, there is a secret plot;
  • Some conspiracy;
  • The apparent proof that confirms the plot;
  • The plots say that coincidences do not exist and all the things are connected to each other;
  • Then, the good are divided from the evil;
  • Finally, the leader of the conspiracy is identified.

Why are these plots so popular?

They can offer some explanation for difficult situations, for example there are many plots regarding Covid-19.

Why do they spread so quickly?

They spread widely because many people believe they are true, while other people want to provoke others for political, social and economic matters. These are diffused by the social media and Internet, among relatives and friends, too.

After introducing the world of the plots, I would like to explain the theme of the Covid-19 plots.

As I have already said, the Covid-19 caused many problems in 2020, but there are many plots that have been and are still supported by many people. The most important are the following:

  • the virus was created in a laboratory (so it was created artificially) by people who wanted to reduce the global population;
  • the virus was diffused intentionally or was created naturally to hurt people, such as the case of 5G signals;
  • some believe that the masks, the social distancing and the other measures used to reject the coronavirus are used, instead, to hurt intentionally or to control the cities (in fact, in Italy and in other countries many people do not want to get vaccine or do not use masks, because they believe this deprives them of their freedom);
  • the virus was diffused voluntarily by the People’s Republic of China;
  • the virus was diffused by the US Government;
  • many people avoid vaccination because the spread of the virus must not be interrupted.

There are also some funny theories, for example, the famous cartoon “The Simpsons” predicted the pandemic in an episode in 1993. They spoke about the arrival of an epidemic from Osaka, in Japan to Springfield, the city where they live.

Another theory is that of the writer and medium Sylvia Browne who died in 2013: she wrote “in 2020 it will be normal to wear masks and rubber gloves, because a pandemic of a serious illness will devastate the world”.

The cause of the circulation of these plots is the continuous spreading of fake news on the Internet and social media. Some people believe in these theories, others do not.

We should remember that these plots are not responsible for the pandemic and the creation of the virus, but all of us can contribute to stop Covid-19 by following some basic and simple rules. Hopefully, we can get back to living like before.

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My trip in Malta gave me very good feelings! First of all, the school environment was very nice, and the teachers were.  very gentle and

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