After all the battles that women have fought to achieve their rights in many areas of their lives, are they really considered equal to men? The answer is no. In this article we will talk about the value of women in society and how it is understimated by the majority of the population.

According to several studies conducted by the International Labor Organization, nowadays women are still paid less than men all over the world and this gap is one of the biggest injustices of the world. The reasons for this difference are many: pregnancy, the needs of a mother, ignorant prejudices that lead people to think that, since women often perform non-core duties, they can be paid less. The truth is that, in the last decades, women have played leading roles in many areas and their needs of women and mothers must be respected.

It is necessary to make a reference to the multiple cases of violence suffered by women in recent times and the numerous deaths. It is difficult to think that violence could be the solution to the problems between wives and husbands, but also in general between women and men. A large number of women have been killed just for jealousy of their husbands or because people close to them did not support their choices. They have been beaten, acid-scarred, threatened and terrified for no reason, their fault is only being women.

I was absolutely struck by the speech of Gessica Notaro, a woman that in 2017 was scarred with acid by her ex-boyfriend. She has become a symbol of courage and strength: Gessica has managed to carry on her career in the entertainment world and her passion for dolphins, working in the Rimini aquarium. She has undergone many surgeries, but now she lives a beautiful life with her new boyfriend and her family that has supported Gessica since the beginning.

We must learn to appreciate the frailties of others and respect the needs of the people we love by supporting them, their dreams and ambitions, not resorting to violence in the most difficult moments because it leads us to being bad people. The world needs sweetness and people capable of accepting diversity and to see it as wealth and progress.



Ester Macaluso


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