What may I say about Licata? It is  a town full of wonders and surprises.

People are very friendly and welcoming and there is a lot to offer to  tourists: from food to culture, from beautiful landscapes to beautiful old buildings..

 If you walk along the streets in Licata you will find a lot to admire: beautiful historical monuments and churches that our ancestors left us. There are many things to admire around the city including our port where there is the famous “San Giacomo” lighthouse built in 1895.

 It takes the name from a castle that stood nearby , absurdly destroyed between 1870 and 1929 for the construction of the commercial port. 

The  Town Museum  illustrates the history of human settlements in the territory of Licata and the lower valley of the southern Imera, today called Salso River.

Licata has also a modern touch, given by beautiful murales and street art in the harbour and on the walls of the Marina quarter. They are works of young  artists.

 However,  tourists love mainly the wonderful beaches with golden sand and rocks and enjoy fishing good fish that our sea offers us. Sea and beaches are peaceful, quiet and relaxing places to enjoy al the year.

 A great attraction for tourists is a famous chef Pino Cuttaia who will welcome you with his wonderful dishes. There are  hotels and bed and breakfasts to stay for relaxing and quiet nights. Would you like to relax and have a quiet weekend and a good time?

Come to Licata.  We are waiting for you.

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Mario Carrozza


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