Child exploitation

What is meant by child exploitation? By child exploitation, we mean the employment of minors in the world of work, in ways and times that can damage their growth.

Not until the Industrial Revolution, it was considered a social problem but had some consequences such as illiteracy and the onset of pathologies in children. Only in 1878, in Great Britain did legislation came into force prohibiting the exploitation of children under 10. However, the development of the industrial system increased and consequently also child exploitation. Today the legislation on child exploitation is linked to compulsory school attendance, but unfortunately even if still banned today many industries exploit children full-time.

Different multinationals are against children labor and some of them, for example, declared to use only cotton of “fair trade ” as a guarantee against labor exploitation within the plantations. Unfortunately, some fair trade companies can’t help but exploit minors, as in the case of the 13-year-old C. It seems that a famous clothes company has done nothing but avoid the “fair trade” label on its products. This makes it clear that then situations of exploitation can still occur today.

Unfortunately, 218 million children have been exploited all over the world, compulsory school attendance and sharing important human values such as school education can stop this problem.

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