Women have always been harassed by men on the street. This phenomenon, which causes them insecurities and fear of going around alone, is called catcalling.

Catcalling is usually done by older men towards women and girls. It consists in giving unpleasant and unappreciated compliments. In Italy, however, it is not considered as a reportable crime but ISTAT specifies the data on physical contact harassment or situations in which victims have been caressed or kissed against their will.

Catcalling is considered a crime in France, Portugal, Belgium and Finland, while Italy and Zurich have connected in the field with two initiatives against catcalling.

Angela Cossellu, CEO of Zurich Connect has explained “All women have undergone catcalling at least once in their life: a whistle, an unwanted appreciation or a vulgar comment, and often this attitude is not perceived as harassament. We have therefore decided to promote a petition to include the crime of catcalling in our legal system”.

The Italian government, unlike Zurich, is not on the side of women. In this case there is solidarity among women by using the most powerful weapon of the moment: social networks, in particular TikTok, where girls make fun of this situation, give advice on defending themselves and denouncing if it is possible.

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