Promoting reading among adolescents is essential, or rather fundamental, to train young people. In fact, reading has very positive aspects that are reflected in life and education because through a book you can learn many things: for example, reading allows you to improve vocabulary because it helps to know new words, but it also guarantees the openness of the mind, as it can present themes that allow you to reason and reach an open mind that helps to adapt to the world in which we live. In addition, reading a good book is also useful to relax following the stress accumulated during a day, finding a comfortable and quiet place that allows concentration and even relaxation.

In this regard, in Italy and in the rest of the world, various associations have been founded that deal with promoting reading among young people and showing how a book can open the mind and guarantee training through simple reading. An example is the Italian association “Veleracconto” that works so that all the obstacles that make access to books difficult and so that they are offered to all subjects,  real and equal opportunities of access, overcoming all barriers and stereotypes or prejudices of gender, culture, religion, social or economic status.

Thanks to this and other associations, many young people are allowed to read to broaden their knowledge and consequently grow morally, for this reason, we can say that it is important to put reading into practice in order to ensure training and personal growth.

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