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Sergio Mattarella was born in 1941 and on the 3rd of February 2015 he was elected president of the Italian republic. He is the 12th president in Italy! This very important office lasts 7 years and then a new president will be elected; but this year it didn’t happen. Mattarella was re-elected president of the republic in 2022 so he will have to govern for other 7 years even if he explicitly had said he wanted a break.

During the elections between 24th and 29th of January, in fact, the politicians did not find a common agreement to decide the new president, so the only possible solution was to go to the house of the president Mattarella and beg him to govern again. For the good of our country he accepted. The thing that amazed me the most during the

elections, however, were the names that emerged during the voting, which were names of television characters or famous people in Italy for whatever. An example could be Alberto Angela! Another example could be that our parliament even wrote the name of Mussolini! As far as I’m concerned it’s a rather scandalous thing. In conclusion I would like to reiterate the merits that go to Sergio Mattarella who has decided to govern again our country against his will (after having also packed his bags at the Quirinale) and exclusively for the good of Italy!

This photo shows Mattarella’s exultation at Bonucci’s goal during the European final. In my opinion it represents all the love he has for his country and also his passion for sport.

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