An emotional block

“End of the state of emergency, back to normality?”

In the last two years, our life has changed: teenagers have not been able to socialize, mainly because of distance learning, and with them not even the children. Our society has deeply changed, for instance, doctors have found themselves struggling every day to alleviate the consequences of this pandemic. Covid-19 has also inflicted serious problems on the economy: many shops and businesses have found themselves closing down and, for this reason, mothers and fathers have had difficulty supporting their families.

This virus has caused an emotional block and the perception of space has been reduced to our home. However, we have also seen a growing sense of social responsibility on the part of a large part of the community, that has taken the place of other pre-corona virus priorities, influencing many of our choices.

I think that the return to normal will be a process that will take place gradually, in fact, we cannot expect to be able to set aside the habits that have accompanied us for months, such as hand sanitation and social distancing. We would all like to be able to hug each other again soon, without the fear of contracting the virus, but its memory will remain indelible. I wonder if the habit of wearing masks will disappear, but I believe that in supermarkets and at the entrance to restaurants they will remain for a long time also because of fear. We have to remember all the victims who, unfortunately, without any fault were affected by this virus, in the hope that man will leave out superfluous things and remember the fundamental values, which are family, health, and love of neighbor.

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