Amazon: Its story from A to Z, Inc., the Seattle-based e-commerce company, is the largest Internet company in the world. Its founder, Jaff Bezoz, is currently one of the richest men in the world. It was July 5th, 1994 when the young thirty-year-old American, Jaff Bezoz, founded Amazon, an online bookstore, in the state of Washington where he had bought a house. His garage was the place where he settled his first office and where he created the first “” sign, written with a blue spray can on a rectangle of white plastic. The choice of the name, according to a story, kept him awake many nights. Bezos had initially chosen “Cadabra”, but the assonance with the word “corpse” made him change his mind. So he thought that his company needed a name that had to began with A, so that it would appear as first in the various lists. And leafing through an encyclopedia he found “Amazon”, the name of one of the longest rivers in the world.

The current’s logo consists in the writing of the company’s name itself accompanied by an orange curved stripe in the shape of an arrow. However, the famous arrow is from recent times: in fact, Bezoz’s pride and joy have changed its logo several times. The true meaning of the arrow is still uncertain, but in popular ideology it represents a smile and signifies the enormous scope of the catalogue that Amazon offers by joining the a to the z.

Over the years the largest bookstore in the world began to sell also electronic devices and much more. Services such as “Amazon Prime”, which has redesigned the world of eCommerce logistics, and others like “Create Space” and the famous “Alexa”, the intelligent assistant that runs on “Echo” devices, followed. Nowadays, Amazon also offers services such as “Prime Video” and “Prime Music”.

In this twenty-five-year history of money and success, another person also played a significant role: MacKenzie Bezos, Jeff’s ex-wife, who actively contributed to the birth of the Seattle giant.

That’s it, thanks to Bezoz now we can buy things without moving an inch from the sofa. Isn’t it great?

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