All’s well that ends well: the plot

How many times have we heard the phrase “all’s well that ends well”?

This sentence is the title of a famous Shakespeare comedy, in fact, it has a happy ending. The main themes are love, marriage, and division into social classes.

The main characters are Helena, Bertram, the Countess, who is Bertram’s mother, Bertram’s father, and Diana.

Helena, the orphan, was raised by the Countess of Roussillon. She’s been secretly in love with her son for years. When, Bertram, leaves for Paris, Helena confesses to the Countess her love and asks to leave to join him; she says yes.

Thanks to a magic potion, Helena heals from a serious illness Bertram’s father, who in exchange for the benefit received, gives her to his son in marriage.

Bertram, who doesn’t return her love, leaves for war and tells Helena that she will be his wife only when she will manage to steal a ring that he always holds on his finger and when she will prove to be pregnant with his child.

Helena decides to secretly follow Bertram to Florence, where she discovers that he has fallen in love with the innkeeper Diana, who rejects him.

Helena convinces Diana to agree to a date with him, but she shows up instead and manages to swap another ring with Bertram’s and get pregnant.

So Helena succeeds in her purpose.

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