“It is what you read when you don’t have to that determines what you will be when you can’t help it.” Oscar Wilde.

The passion for a book is the passion for love and relationships, for ideas and freedom, for thoughts and feelings: in summary, for life.

In a technological society that sees life monitored by the hands of a screen, touching a story with your hands, savoring the paper that slips through your fingers, admiring the intensity of black ink is increasingly difficult.

Reading a book is like a game for children, while it is a boring activity for some teenagers and perhaps adults sometimes do not have enough time.

However, it is not just a duty, for example at school or at work. The passion for the world of books is above all a pleasure to be discovered and cultivated.

If we know how to appreciate a good reading, we realize that books become our best friends. The voice that screams when silence gets loud.

They are the window from which you can observe the world, the anchor that saves you in a sea of ​​nothing when the storm rages and no place is safe.

A return ticket to distant worlds beyond all imagination. The train that makes the journey wonderful to experience and the return to everyday life easy.

Why is reading important and how much can it affect or change our life?

Reading makes us better, it lets us dream, but it also allows us to understand the opinions of others. It lets us understand, opens our minds to new perspectives, leads us to welcome diversity as normality.

Reading almost becomes a reason for existing, it forces even the most closed minds to hope for change, it shows you how many different possibilities there are, it stops making you remain locked in the immobility of mental chains.

A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies…The man who never reads lives only one.” George R.R. Martin

Why is reading good?

Reading allows the soul to accumulate beauty, “it blows light into the darkness of a rusty and cowardly/vile mind“, it offers unknown emotions even to an arid heart.

Reading is no different from living ordinary everyday life, but it completes it, makes it better, presses for the search of that missing piece, that little bit more.

Entering a book allows you to embark on a journey into the unknown, where reality becomes less concrete and vivid, more suffused, but which makes you escape from clichés and the chains of the ordinary.

When you read a book you are tracing a path: you become “architects” of your own path.

Why shouldn’t the benefits of reading be underestimated?

As we can see in some scientific studies, reading improves mental abilities, stimulates the imagination and relaxes the mind. The brain keeps itself in constant training, improves memory, expression skills and often mood.

Furthermore, reading a book before going to sleep is essential to relieve tension, relax your nerves and fall asleep naturally.

It helps to work on reasoning and emotionality.

Not only that: it is useful for treating anxiety and stress disorders, harmful to mood. In particular, the empathic effect helps people to relate to each other, to get out of their “shell”, stop isolating themselves and compulsively using cell phones and computers.

Each book helps to make us better people, to change parts of us and to reveal other unknown ones.

Reading lets us change our way of seeing life and teaches us how to live it. It makes us free, it makes us dream.

“Fantasy is more important than knowledge.” Albert Einstein 



Rubina Stazzone


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