Sicily is a wonderful place where myths, history and legends live together. Acitrezza is a fishing village not far from Catania and it was founded in 600. About 5 thousands people live there and in front of the small archipelago of the Cyclops islands. It’s a paradise, a small paradise totally surrounded by the sky and the sea. In front of the town, there are the islands of Cyclops so named because of the legend of the Cyclops Polyphemus, but commonly called the Faraglioni. They are black lava stones, totally immersed into the sea. According to the legend the origin of the stacks dates  back to the wrath of the Cyclops Polyphemus, who, blinded by Ulysses, would have thrown large rocky peaks against the Greek hero to try to avoid his escape in sea. Today the arcipelago of Cyclops is a protective marine area and the seat of a really interesting museum in the near Lachea Island. Between the Big and the small Faraglioni there are other rocks famous in the world for their beauty. Local people say that in summer days it is possible to see beautiful mermaids lying on the rocks. In reality, the rocks of cyclops were formed from an intense volcanic activity of Mount Etna about half a million years ago. However, there are archaeological finds that attest to the presence of ancient settlements of Greek people. The area where Aci Trezza stands was the heart of the ancient Greek city of Xiphonia and according to the historian Diodorus Siculus this was founded by the Greeks in the seventh century BC with the name of Xiphonia. In more recent times, Aci Trezza has also provided the perfect setting for one of the most famous novels in Italian literature, I Malavoglia, written by Giovanni Verga and published in 1831. With the unfortunate story of the Trezzani fishing family, Giovanni Verga made famous, through a description with realist and naturalist features, some of the distinctive places of the seaside village. Unforgettable is the House of Nespolo , which today is a museum located near the church of San Giovanni Battista, also described by the Sicilian writer. The sea between the Island of Cyclops is an immense expanse of crystal water sailed by a lot of ships in summer. If you want to enjoy a wonderful day and relax unser the sun, come to Acitrezza. The islands of Cyclops are ready to give you a fantastic holiday.

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My trip in Malta gave me very good feelings! First of all, the school environment was very nice, and the teachers were.  very gentle and

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