Can you imagine a world without love? My answer is that a world without love is impossibile. This word can have a wide variety of meanings, because love can have different forms. People say: “I love my child”, or “I love my parents”, or “ I love my girfriend, my boyfriend”. In general, love is a passional inclination towards one or more than one person. Sometimes it can be confused with kindness, compassion or the desire for the good for the other people, but whatever is its meaning love is a strong feeling, and human beings can not live without it. The ancient Greeks identified four primary forms of love: the parental-family one, friendship, romantic desire and finally the more purely spiritual love. Because of the great viriety of feelings it involve, it is extremely difficult and complex to define love in a univocal and certain way, compared to other emotional states. Love is an important facilitator in interpersonal relationships. In Science love is just considered as a way to help human reprodution and the consequence continuation of the species. Love can have different manifestations. There is the self-love; the unconditional love professed without expecting nothing in return; filial and fraternal love; romantic love; platonic love; love for Nature; love for God; Universal love.

The first thinkers to talk about love were Plato and Aristotele, and in modern times Schopenahuer, with his definition of compassion as the essence of all love and solidarity, and Adam Smith  who placed sympathy as the structure of all moral sentiments.

In my opinion, love is more than compassion or simply sympathy between two people. Love is a strong feeling which involves head and hearth. The true essence of love consists in abandoning self-awareness, in forgetting oneself in another oneself. Love can never be violent and cruel. A violent love is a sick love.

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