Good afternoon, today we will interview Joe Biden, the 46th new President of the United States of America and we will ask him about his democratic ideas and projects for the new future of America.

Interviewer: Good afternoon, President and thanks for this interview. How do you feel to be the new President of such an important country and above all how you will have to interact with the difficult situation in America today?

President Biden: “Good afternoon everyone! I am very happy and proud to be the new President of a country like America. I promise everyone and to my citizens who have voted me to reward them with a better government and country!”. “Today the United States faces a completely different world,” he explained, referring above all to the health emergency situation.At the moment I am focused on helping the middle class that has been hit by the crisis, and this is what interests me.”

Interviewer: As you know, the world is fighting against a terrible virus, Covid-19, and in the world a lot of people is dying. How do you think to face this emergency?

President Biden: «We need only 100 days, not forever. I’ll make the mask compulsory in federal buildings and on transportation. And I think that with vaccines and masks we will have a significant reduction in infections”.

Interviewer: Kamala Devi Harris is your vice president. She is the first black Asian American politician and attorney serving the United States and  a member of the Democratic Party. Will she have a specific role to manage, and will she be the last one Biden will talk to before making any decisions?

President Biden: Kamala Harris is a fantastic woman and lawyer. We have the same political ideas and pojects. She has often said that her identity makes her uniquely suited to represent those on the margins and I agree with this idea. If we want to build a great America, we need to support and help all the social classes.” We will be complete partners. I will be with her  on all priorities, to support her and the American people”.

Interviewer:Can you tell us something more precise about your political program?

President Biden: My moderate Democrat program is progressive and much of it focuses on infrastructure investments. The central themes are the redistribution of the tax burden and the increase in revenues to finance new expenses concentrated in the first 4 years and to “rebuild the middle class”. I want to create 10 million jobs in the“revolution towards the clean-economy” or in the  transition in an eco-sustainable in foreign and migration policy, I propose to eliminate the Travel Ban and  the asylum policies implemented by Trump and in the fight against climate change. I  also will propose renewed confidence in NATO and strengthening cooperation with allies, and Europe in particolar.

Interviewer: Thank you President, but now I’d like to make you another question. What your family thinks about your election?

President Biden: My family is surely really happy and proud of me. Of course my wife is worried, but she supports me in every moment of my political activity. It is not easy at all, but I love America and its people. I will do whatever is good for my citizens. God is with me and my family. Thank you very much to those who believe on me and my program. Now it’s time to go and work.

Interviewer: Thank you President. Good luck and good job to you!

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