One of the most developed economic sectors in Italy is the luxury hotel sector that includes four and five-star hotels. Currently, in Italy, there are 609 five-star hotels among which 28 have been opened in 2021.  They are located in different areas of the country, but they are mostly concentrated in regions like Tuscany, Campania, Lazio, and Veneto. As to the cities where they are mainly situated we can mention Rome, Florence, Milan, Venice. The most surprising aspect is related to the increase in the offer of this type of hotel in the last years, despite the long period of economic crisis from 2008 on. This trend is a consequence of the rising interest of international businessmen towards Italian artistic cities, like Venice, which each year attracts a lot of well-off tourists. According to some surveys, five-star hotels in the last 8 years increased by 30%, but the growth of four-star hotels was only by 11%.

As mentioned, Italy is a country rich in resources for tourists, who look for accomplished accommodation, and businessmen who want to start up profitable hotel companies. However, there are so many different kinds of 5 and 4-star hotels in Italy and each of them offers different services.

•          Beach hotels are situated in tourist locations that are well-known for their wonderful beaches. As a matter of fact, most of them are nearby the seaside. Tourists choose this kind of accommodation for their summer holidays. As a result, most of them are seasonal hotels. They provide restaurants, free wi-fi service, parking space, children swimming pools, and standard swimming pools, where entertaining activities and games for children and adults are usually organized. Moreover, spa services and treatments are usually offered to clients and they are also given the opportunity to benefit from means of transport provided by the company for the transfers to the seaside, in case it is not near the building, or to reach locations of interest in the city.

  • Most of the mountain hotels are seasonal, as they attract tourists, especially during winter, when mountains are full of snow, but they are also popular destinations for summer holidays. These hotels usually organize ski and climbing courses, hiking and mountain biking activities. You can also rent bikes. Sometimes they are situated near farms, where clients can ride horses or simply discover what kinds of animals live in that environment. Moreover, in mountainous locations there are important national parks full of woods, trees and wild animals: they are perfect for tourists who look for quiet places and want to stay in contact with nature. A large number of this kind of accommodation provides hot springs, spa and sauna services. They also have a restaurant, free wi-fi service and animation programmes for children.

•          Spa are not only hotels but also wellness centres. People choose them if they want to have a relaxing holiday, so as to have a break from their stressful routine. They differ from the typical kind of accommodation, as their structure consists of a spa, a sauna, a furnished gym and both indoor and outdoor swimming pools. In order to ensure a complete and satisfactory service, skilled and experienced staff will give you the chance to chill out by enjoying massages and treatments.

•   Choose thematic hotels if you want to stay in an unconventional building so as to have an unforgettable experience. Some of them represent a specific theme, others are full of rooms which are decorated with different subjects. They attract curious tourists, usual families with children. Most of them are popular because of the several activities, games and parties organized every day. Moreover, they are usually part of an amusement park.

•          Business hotels cater for different needs required by business people who travel around the world because of their job. These hotels provide large areas aimed to host formal meetings and events arranged by international or local companies. Additionally, many of them are in the city centre or in business areas, and the clients’ workplace is usually within walking distance. Moreover, business travellers always seek places to zone out and focus on their projects, make important job-related calls or write emails. For these reasons, they are offered a dedicated space so as to carry out their commitments.

•          Luxury hotels are usually in the city centre and the entire buildings are luxurious, the interiors are fashionable and they are full of refined furniture. There, every kind of service is provided. The rooms supply high-quality bath and beauty products, usually travel-sized, bathrobes, slippers, hair-styling tools, ample drawer and closet space, snacks and bottles of water. Certainly, guests can access free wi-fi as well as room service, with a range of high-quality meals. Restaurants in these hotels are very chic and offer a great choice of food and drinks. A parking space, is really common, along with gyms, spas, swimming pools and laundry services. The most well-known accommodation of this type provides efficient transportation service, such as airport shuttles. Another opportunity the clients are given is to access excursions and guided tours of the city.

To conclude, there is no wonder Italy is one of the world’s most fascinating tourist destinations. Not only it is a country rich in history, art and good food, but it is also full of several kinds of hotels, which suit everyone’s needs!

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