Nike is an American multinational manufacturer of footwear, clothing and sports accessories. Created in 1971, it is based in Beaverton.  

The company’s name is inspired by the Greek goddess of victory, Nike, a  winged goddess able to move at high speed, whose most famous representation, a sculpture exhibited at the Louvre Museum, is the Nike of Samothrace. The brand has a simple and quickly recognizable logo:  the so-called Swoosh, an upside-down horizontal comma. It was created by Carolyn Davidson in 1971 as a stylized representation of the goddess’s wing. The company is the largest provider of sports equipment in the world.  

Nike has been criticized for working conditions and production methods in overseas factories with which it has commercial contacts but in 2002 the multinational announced that its factories would be controlled by the International Labour Organization to safeguard and prevent children exploitation. In 2020, the multinational spent itself on the anti-racist advertising campaign in support of the  Black Lives Matter movement.  

Nowadays this brand is widespread especially among young.

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Maria Nocita


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