A beautiful, impossible vacation

Italy is such a beautiful country where you can spend your summer with your family or colleagues.

You prepare your luggage, pay for the flight ticket, you arrive at the hotel, but… it’s not as you expected!

Italian infrastructures are not always the way they pretend to be on their websites when you surf them for the first time.

Some hotels feature spas, which should be relaxing places, however, sometimes the substances in the water can be irritating for our eyes, and the pain can last for half an hour!

If you need an alternative to spas, many hotels also offer gyms.

Finally, a place where you can exercise and keep your body fit! But wait, there are only two out of ten working cyclettes ?!

What is going on? It seems like a little kid, too fast for those cyclettes,  broke them.

Then how about taking the kids to their dedicated rooms?

Hotels also offer kids playgrounds with music, rubber bricks, rubber mats, and toys.

Just when you thought you could finally relax, your child is about to run against the edge of the window!

It is impossible to find peace, right?

Tired of your ruined vacation, you go to your room to take a hot shower and wash the stress away.

As soon as you turn the bathroom light on, you see that the toilet seat is unstable and it slips constantly!

What kind of vacation is that?

You post your rant on the internet, but you see that you’re not the only one having troubles.

In bread and breakfast, people have reported having slept on camping beds in the kitchen and there was no privacy when they had to change clothes.

Balconies can be too big and unsafe, you can find rusty iron furniture, broken closets, and dangerous windows.

Some 4 and 5-star hotels offer 2-floor rooms, but the stairs that lead to the upper floors are cranky and unsafe.

To improve the quality of these services, it’s necessary to have the right tools and knowledge.

It only takes more attention to small, important details.

But those are not the only problems!

Italy is highly exposed to earthquakes, which have had terrible consequences in the last 70 years.

There’s also an active volcano, the Etna, which could damage several infrastructures in the area.

It’s important to prevent floods from causing damage, too.

Mother nature is not done, there’s still one more thing: hotels can get old, and that is a problem.

It’s necessary to constantly check their status to avoid dangers.

This isn’t always done correctly in Italy and it leads to terrible consequences.

The lack of investments in this field is also part of the problem.

Italy doesn’t deserve this and nobody deserves a ruined vacation.

Do not forget about the importance of infrastructures!

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Fabiana Presti


4°B2 Liceo Linguistico Enrico Medi Barcellona Pozzo di Gotto


My trip in Malta gave me very good feelings! First of all, the school environment was very nice, and the teachers were.  very gentle and

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