9th March 2022: Mariupol has been bombed

The fifteenth day of the war in Ukraine opens with the bombing of the children’s hospital in Mariupol. This is a tragic attack that has outraged not only Ukrainian President Zelensky, but the whole world. I wonder how a head of state can attack innocent children and mothers without the slightest scruple just to achieve his goals. Seventeen have been injured after this attack, and more than 516 have been killed since the start of the war. Unfortunately, the atrocities in this city don’t end there. On the twenty-first day the Drama theatre, which is the largest in the city centre, was deliberately bombed. Women, children, and the elderly had taken refuge here; their fate is now unknown, since the intense bombings prevent the intervention of rescuers. The Russians would also have launched an air attack on the Neptun sports centre, used as a refuge for pregnant women and mothers with small children. According to the UN, there are currently 3.3 million refugees. Some families try to remain together by crossing the border in order to find salvation, while other people have chosen to stay to support fathers and husbands, in the hope of being able to see all their relatives again soon. These crimes reflect all the cruelty of the invaders and for this we should unite to stop these atrocities and help the victims of the conflict. Many sanctions have already been applied to Russia. Meanwhile the humanitarian corridors continue to save as many civilians as possible. We are now looking forward to the next confrontation between Zelensky and Putin with the hope that we can soon put an end to this war and restore peace among civilians.

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Manuela Giardina


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