Have you ever played hopscotch in the courtyard in front of your house ? You have drawn the boundaries not to step on them, but the rain will have erased them the next day.

Borders are illusory. Traits of chalk  trodden on a land that does not know their existence . ALL MEN are citizens of the world, ALL EQUAL, in their DIVERSITY. The evil man is led to discriminate and exclude in various ways , though. One of these ways is RACISM: any tendency , psychological or political, based on the presumed superiority of one race over the others or over another ,which  favors or determines social discrimination.

After the recent events happened in America and the Protest of “Black Lives Matter” movement I WANT TO DENUNCE RACISM, taking you into the world of MUSIC and CINEMA.

Do you know Ghali, one of the most famous Italian rappers who shocked everyone with his protest song” Cara Italia”? Its most touching lines are: ” Oh eh oh when they say to me ” go home” oh eh oh, I answer and say ” I’m here”.

Ghali is of Tunisian origin. He denounces close-minded people who judge only by someone’s skin colour, xenophobes who consider any foreigner to be dangerous. Minds so closed that a man with a different skin colour is considered to be just an immigrant without a passport even when actually he may have been born and raised here in Italy. Minds far more closed than in the Middle Ages “ I am a madman who reads , a mad outlaw, out of the herd” Ghali concludes like this. He invites everyone to get informed, to read , to learn , because discrimination always comes from ignorance.

Today the madman is the one who gets information, ‘cause where knowledge dominates, hatred will never take root, universal respect will dominate, instead.”

   I bet you’ve heard Bob Dylan’s song “Hurricane”at least once in your life. You danced and sang , but do you know that this song is an open denunciation of racism and the corruption of justice ? It tells the story of Rubin Carter , a great boxer who was wrongly accused of triple murder , just because BLACK . The song was entitled “Hurricane” because if only justice had worked right , he would have become a world Champion . It’s most touching lines are:

“Make me feel ashamed to live in a land where justice is a game , now all the criminals in their coats and their ties are free to drink martinis and watch the sun rise , while Rubin sits like Buddha in a ten-foot cell , an innocent man in a living hell”

Also Willie Peyote , an emerging ITALIAN singer who partecipated in the Sanremo Festival, denounces racism with a song focusing on prejudices : “Io non sono razzista , ma”. With a sarcastic tone he attacks idiots who make such speeches : “Lampedusa is a tourist village , every Imam is organizing a terrorist attack , the immigrants all come to Italy, there is no future here with them”.

Among other things , this year was awarded the magnificent film “ Una vita davati a sé” which tells of the meeting of a child who has just arrived in Italy by  boat , with a survivor of a concentration camp . A tender, heartbreaking story, which compares two apparently different lives , but united by lots of pain . 

You know , I am 17 years old , and for 17 years each time I have blown out my cake candle I have always had the same wish : a world in which respect and equality reign. I live in dreams , as they may turn into hope. I dream that one day a person will be judged solely by

his character and not by external factors; I dream that one day someone will cry again ”I can’t breathe” just because the hug his brother is giving to him is too tight; I dream that one day no woman will be excluded from school just because  she wears a veil.

I dream that day will come as soon as possible , because I need it , You need it , Humanity needs it .

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Giammello Maria Anna



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