COVID-19 has deeply hurt the world of cinema. In 2020 the movie industry earned 182.5 million dollars, 93% less than 2019, losing 460 million dollars. Because of this a lot of people have been fired and struggling with hunger and the inability to take care of their families. Furthermore, if on the one hand many movies’ releases have been postponed such as “Batman” to 2022, “Top Gun” to July 2021, “The Flash” to November 2022, on the other hand those which came out couldn’t cover the expenses with profit, like the movie “Tenet” released in August 2020.

On the contrary, streaming platforms like Disney+, Amazon Prime Video, Infinity, Sky TV got great success. People could watch new quality movies enjoying the safety of their homes. For example Netflix got more than 36.6 million customers in one year, 40% more than it  got in the last three years.

While the cinema was having a technological revolution, its fruition was also going back to the past. Since the pandemic started lots of drive-in cinema nights have been organized to respect anti COVID rules. Drive-ins, created in 1933 and spread during the 1950s and 1960s, consisted of just a projection booth and a large outdoor movie screen. The main feature was that people were sitting in their cars, in front of the screen, comfortably watching the movie. For example in Catania, in summer 2020 lots of people took part in this venture to watch movies and other kinds of shows.

In conclusion, even though pandemic has damaged the world of cinema and hasn’t let people live it fully, it will never stop the beauty and emotions and feelings it conveys.



Eleonora Acquaviva, Marta Cavallaro, Marco Dimina, Desireè Sanzaro


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