Future and innovation: let’s save our planet!

Is this really the planet we want to live on?

 For many years our planet has been polluted by industrial development mainly because of the indiscriminate use of non-renewable energy sources. Among the most serious consequences of this kind of pollution are especially the large amounts of CO2 in the air that causes the greenhouse effect and is then responsible for the increase in temperature that has led to environmental disasters, such as melting glaciers, rising sea levels , drought, desertification and the extinction of some animal species. Does this mean that it is impossible to create a development capable of ensuring the satisfaction of the needs of the present, without compromising at the same time the possibilty for the future generations to realize their own needs?

Thanks to technology, solutions can be developed that favour the use of renewable sources, and that make them economically accessible for all and therefore will help to reduce both the consumption of fundamental resources for the Earth and the pollution that derives from the production and use of old forms of energies.

If this is up to scientists and politicians, we can all work to have a better future and with small actions we can save our planet. It is important to do separate collection and not to waste plastic or throw litter on the ground. One of the best energies we have to harness is the solar energy. Thanks to the sun, with solar panels we can heat the water in the house, produce electricity and many other things! Is not it fantastic? In addition, stopping the use of polluting means of transport would greatly reduce CO2 emissions, and to do this we can focus on electric vehicles. Unfortunately, for electric vehicles or the purchase of solar panels the prices are still too high. We hope that in the future we will be able to have them all!

A “field” of solar panels

Chiara Calpona 2 D

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Chiara Calpona


2 D Liceo Scientifico “Medi”- Barcellona P.G.

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