Pollution is an alteration of the environment due to polluting elements. There are various types of pollution, here are some examples: air, water, soil, radioactive and thermal pollution.

Air pollution is probably the best known of the types of pollution. With these two words, we mean the presence of harmful substances inside the air.
Water pollution refers to any contamination (rivers, lakes, seas etc.) resulting from sewage or household, urban, chemical, industrial or nuclear waste that has been discharged into the environment.
Among the main factors causing soil pollution are the disposal of household waste and the spillage and burial of non-biodegradable waste in general, but also the leakage of wastewater from sewers or industrial plants and the use of pesticides , fertilizers and other toxic chemicals.
Radioactive pollution is one of the types of pollution that causes major concern within the world debate. It consists in the release of radioactive substances or high-energy particles into the air, water, or soil, as an effect of human activity, either by explicit will or following an accident.
Thermal pollution is divided into two types: direct and indirect. Direct thermal pollution occurs when the polluting source directly inputs thermal energy into the ecosystem, thus causing an immediate and high-temperature increase. Indirect thermal pollution, on the other hand, concerns those situations in which the effects have repercussions on a global scale. The polluting sources, in this second case, are generally gases that modify the climate, such as methane, halogenated hydrocarbons, and carbon dioxide, responsible for the so-called “greenhouse effect”.

I think everyone must work to ensure that pollution on planet earth can be reduced.

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