Sergio Mattarella an interesting story

Sergio Mattarella was born in Palermo on 23rd July 1941.

In 1964 he obtained a Law degree from “La Sapienza”, an important university in Rome.

His political experience originated in the Catholic social and reform movement.

Before his political life Sergio Mattarella was a professor of law but this changed after the death of his brother Piersanti Mattarella, killed by mafia. In fact Sergio decided not to continue his career as a teacher rather to deal with Italian politics.

On 31st January 2015 Sergio Mattarella was elected 12th President of the Italian Republic after Giorgio Napolitano.

During his tenure Mattarella appointed Liliana Segre as a life senator and he awarded many Italians to help the country with pandemic. He also awarded the Italian national team for winning the European cup.

In recent months Mattarella had expressed his desire not to run as a candidate but rather to devote himself to retirement but in January 2022 he was re-elected as president of the Italian Republic with a 7 years term.


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