November 25 is the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women. This international day was established by the United Nations General Assembly. The date of November 25 was chosen to commemorate the Mirabal sisters: Patria, Minerva and Maria Teresa, brutally murdered on November 25, 1960 by instigators of the dictator Trujillo, the dictator who subdued the Dominican Republic by keeping it in chaos for more than 30 years. The Mirabal sisters had tried to oppose the Trujillo regime and, for this, were assassinated.

Perhaps one may think that violence against women is just raping, but it is not. Raping is a very serious crime but it is not the only form of violence against women. Gender-based violence is not only the physical aggression of a man against a woman, it also includes psychological harassment, economic blackmail, threats and persecutions. Sometimes it leads to its most extreme form, feminicide.

The most dramatic reality provided by the data is contemptuous, in fact in Italy every 7 minutes a man rapes or tries to rape a woman. Every 3 days in our country a man kills a woman.

One of the fundamental concepts that must be perceived by women is that those who love them would never hit, nor kill them, they would not be obsessive nor would stalk or threaten them and if ever they should do so, women must immediately report what happened to prevent it from happening again.

What I would say to all these women is that I know that sometimes love makes you accept the most unthinkable things, but you must always be clear-headed and ready to face reality. There are no excuses, no justifications that can be accepted, it will happen again and again and again and again. Defend yourself, your freedom, your mental and physical health. Love does not express itself in this way. IT’S NOT NORMAL.

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Zaira Campagna


I.O. Don Bosco – E.Majorana, Troina – Classe 3A, Scuola Secondaria I Grado, Gagliano

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