Have you ever heard of km0? You have never bought any such product? After reading this article you’ll change your mind.

The zero kilometer in economy is a type of trade in which the products are marketed in the same production area.

The term “zero kilometers” identifies an economic policy that favors local food guaranteed by the producer in its genuineness, as opposed to global food often of inadequately certified origin, and above all saving in the process of transporting the product, also in terms of pollution.


Another more recent meaning refers to agricultural products: in this case, by saying that a product is “zero kilometers” we mean that, in order to arrive from the place of production to that of sale and consumption, it has traveled as few kilometers as possible. The basic idea, in essence, is to reduce the environmental impact that the transport of a product entails, in particular the emission of carbon dioxide which increases the level of pollution.

According to this philosophy, it is advantageous to consume local products as shortening distances means helping the environment, promoting the regional agri-food heritage and lowering prices, as well as guaranteeing a fresh, healthy and seasonal product. Thus the chain that was born with large retailers, which works with large numbers, to the detriment of the rediscovery of the consumer-producer relationship is interrupted. The idea of “zero kilometer” products, being sensitive to the reduction of energy used in production, in addition to decreasing the rate of carbon dioxide in the air, leads to a conscious use of the territory, making the consumer rediscover his own territorial identity through traditional dishes. It is also a way to oppose the standardization of the product, which causes the decrease of biodiversity. There are lots of municipal and local markets for direct sales of local farmers where you can find km0 foods.

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