York, a city of about 180,000 inhabitants, born as the capital of the Roman province of the North, was founded in 71 d.c. .York was one of the most important town of the Middle Age. It was the theatre  of the war throne between the Tudors and The Lancaster. There is a famous museum  located in Shambles, the street that in 2010 won the Google award as the most picturesque street in the UK. The history of York is contained within a museum in the old prisons of the city castle, built by William the Conqueror in 1068.

  Nowadays York remains a little gem for lovers of history and its architecture. Through a true Victorian street, tourists can learn about the history, culture, customs and traditions of York. In York in the weeks leading up to Christmas the atmosphere is that of a party.

 The gothic cathedral York Minster, one of the largest in Europe, is one of its main attractions.But York is also important for another aspect. Now, it is the town of chocolate. The town has showed a “sweet side” since the XIX century. Today It is the town of chocolate ,it has become a real touristic attraction for the production of that dark material: York’s chocolate. If you go to York you may have a wonderful trip in a world of chocolate cakes, boxes of choco sweets, pictures and many stories similar to Willy Wonka. Three floors of delicacies for a real “museum”, with adjoining shop and café-bar where you can bite into a brownie. Now  it is definetly  the town of chocolate.


As everybody knows one of the most popular foods of all the time is chocolate. People today eat chocolate in many different shapes and flavours. You can also drink hot and cold chocolate. The basic ingredient is the cocoa bean.

The story of the cocoa bean started hundreds of years ago in Mexico. Cocoa trees need a warm and humid climate and originally grew on the Yucatàn peninsula. The Maya were the first to eat cocoa beans. They collected cocoa beans from wild trees and they cleared the land to cultivate its trees. They made a drink out of cocoa beans and exchanged them for other products. They also used cocoa beans for religious ceremonies. Mayan merchants travelled north and introduced cocoa beans to the Aztec people. Soon the cocoa bean became part of the life of the Aztecs. They used it as a drink, as part of religious ceremonies, and even as money. With 10 beans you could buy a rabbit. With 100 beans, you could buy a slave.The Aztecs could not grow cocoa trees due to the dry climate. When the Aztecs conquered the Maya, they asked for cocoa beans as a tribute.

The Maya called it” kakaw uhanal”that is “food of Gods”. They loved this magic drink and prepared it with hot water. Haa was the name of water and hot was chocol.The drink took the name of chacahuaa.The synonim of chacau was chocol and probably the name chocolhaa was very near to the Spanìsh word chocolate.


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