In the past women were not independent: they couldn’t work or decide who to marry; they had to stay at home, take care of their children and husbands, clean the house and cook. They couldn’t vote, go out alone and even wear trousers.

In old fairy tales the female characters are represented in this traditional way. They are beautiful and vulnerable princesses, often betrothed by their parents to a rich but unpleasant man and they have to wait for a sensitive and beautiful prince who rescues them. In “Cinderella” or in “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs”, the two princesses are beautiful and kind-hearted girls, mistreated by their stepmothers, who have to wait a long time before Prince Charming finds and saves them.

Today, film versions of these tales have strong, independent female characters. In a recent film, Cinderella follows her dreams, goes and works in a foreign country and she decides not to marry the prince. In Disney films there are other good examples of self confident women. In Frozen, the two sisters, Anna and Elsa are strong, independent and resourceful princesses. Elsa wants to know everything about her past and her powers and she is more interested in her self-fulfillment rather than looking for a prince to marry.

Women are trying to reach the same rights as men but even if their condition is different from the past women are sometimes treated differently especially at work. In private sector, they are often paid less and they can even lose their jobs if they decide to have children.

This type of discrimination must stop. Women are strong, they can do a lot of things like men, they are multitasking: they go to work and when they come back home they also take care of their children. They have the right to realize their dreams, to be theirselves and above all to be independent.

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Sara Miceli


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