Most people, young people, even children,  use social media , it’s important to know that the use of social media is associated with a number of issues and potential dangers, including stress, anxiety, loneliness, and depression, addiction to social media or violation of one’s privacy.

Understanding the dangers of social media is important, both so you can deal with them yourself, and so you can help others deal with them. Some problems are related to social media and with the Internet use , they can cause these issues , in some cases.

People keep using social even when it’s bad for them, is that they’re simply unaware of its harmful influence. Furthermore, in some cases, people are aware of the harmful influence that social media has on them, but they don’t care enough about these dangers to want to change their behavior.

However, many people continue to use social media even though they know it’s bad for them and even though they want to stop, because they’re psychologically predisposed to keep using it. Finally, there are also many situational factors that can cause people to use social media, even when they wish that they didn’t. For example, if all of a person’s friends use a certain social media network, that person might use it too, simply so they can be aware of what’s going on in their social circles.

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