What is my favorite sport?

 My favorite sport is football. 

The first football team was born in Cambridge in 1846. 

While the first Football Association was born in 1863 in Great Britain. It was made up of 11 teams.

Today, football is one of the most well-known and practiced sports in the world. Football is first of all a great fun for children.

How does it work? At the beginning children run behind the ball freely, without rules, but then they learn that football is beautiful, just because it is a team sport. There is respect between teammates and opponents, collaboration and sharing. 

Football increases your self-esteem and also defeat is less bitter because you share it with your teammates. 

When you practice this sport, you learn to be tenacious and to never give up, to play until the last minute of the game to overturn the final result, because “everything is possible” as a good coach teaches. 

Football is healthy for our body, it is good for our cardiovascular system, it improves endurance, it increases muscle mass, it fights obesity and laziness and it strengthens our immune system, making us less sick, especially if it is practiced in outdoor fields. 

Football is a sport that makes us happy and makes us dream, it gives us small and big dreams like wearing the captain’s belt, scoring the goal that makes your team win, becoming a great champion and who knows to wear the shirt of your favorite team. 

I hope that this bad time of Coronavirus ends soon. So I can go back to have fun with my teammates!

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