Who’s Malala?

Last week, our English teacher asked us “Who’s Malala? Do you know her?”. We looked at each other perplexed so she, without saying a word, gave us a text to translate into Italian. Well, now we all know who Malala is and she is our hero.

You know, when Malala was only 12, she wrote a blog for the BBC where she told the world she was studying at home because the extremists had closed her school. She said that girls must have the right to education. She gave interviews and became famous. Later her school reopened but one day while she  was getting on her school bus to go home, a man shot her. She was seriously injured, but she recovered and she continued to fight for children’s right to education.

At school, we also saw a video about Malala’s speech at the United Nations in 2013. She seemed great for her attitude. This phrase in particular struck us “A child, a teacher, a book, a pen can change the world”. A little girl was able to say something important in a simple and essential way in front of a lot of people.

We hope that in every country in the world, there will always be someone like Malala that will fight for us. We have our rights too. We have the right to be happy.

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