We all know what friendship is.  We all know it and, to a greater or lesser extent, enjoy it.  However, defining it is difficult.  A friend, a friend, chooses and chooses us.  It is a very important moment when you meet an unknown person, you feel curiosity and interest, you create a relationship of mutual sympathy and benevolence.  What binds new friends is the pleasure of being together and nothing is more reassuring for a boy or a girl than to see a feeling of friendship returned.  The beauty of friendship is the relationship with someone who doesn’t have to love you ‘necessarily’, like family members, but who seeks your company because they recognize you as pleasant and worthy of interest.  Being accepted by one’s companions, for example in a class or in a sports group, is an excellent test to understand if our character has defects or merits. Friendship is therefore the first important relationship outside the narrow circle of the family;  it is an achievement that requires commitment and a certain degree of maturity.  Of all the feelings that bind two friends, trust is a fundamental element: being able to trust a friend, not keeping a secret, not keeping a promise, forgetting an appointment are experienced as painful betrayals.  .  Some negative feelings always circulate, even in the most beautiful relationships of friendship: a bit of competition, of rivalry;  a little jealousy or envy … Recognizing it is already a first step to overcome it.

Friendship helps you to grow and relate to others.

Friendship certainly puts us to the test of what we are and what we are worth; it is measured by the degree of patience and tolerance you are able to give, how much generosity in terms of time you are ready to sacrifice, how much understanding you can give. It is not and should never be wasted time, on the contrary it helps you to be a better person.

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Ruggeri Rebecca