Fortnite is a game that was very fashionable in 2018 and was also one of the most downloaded games in the world.

This game was created by the epic games company in 2017 and had a great success.

It is a multiplayer shooter game that everyone immediately loved, Fortnite is divided into several seasons and chapters each with its own theme and with its own novelty; even if it seems a harmless game it is very dangerous in fact it is addictive and there have been several cases in which some of the people who played it tried to imitate it in real life for example there was a case in which a group of boys destroyed the furnishings of their school.

It was for a long time the most watched game on twitch and youtube where millions of youtubers played tournaments and challenges, among which some of the most famous are ninja and pow3r. Lately this game is being populated by children with a very low age group around 6 years old and for this reason the older ones got tired of playing and started playing in another great success of epic games that is rocket league.

Despite all this, our opinion is that everyone has their own tastes and there are people who may like this game and others who don’t.

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Cristian Laudani, Giulia Mantione


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