When will be really free?

Hello everyone, I’m Paola, I’m 13, and today I’d like to talk a little bit about what’s happening in recent months.

They had just announced that on March 31 we would be more “free” and everyone was very happy, but then they talked about a possible war between Ukraine and Russia, and at first, we were very worried.

Unfortunately, this is not the only war there is in this period, only that we do not talk about the others because “it does not concern us”, and I am sorry about this.

I cannot understand what is going through all this, it is something that cannot be imagined only with the mind, it is a greater thing.

These two years of “novelty” have been different from how we imagined them, they have changed us all, they have been different.

War should not exist, but unfortunately, there is and is full of the unawareness of the soldiers, who do not even know why they are there, they only know that on the throne there is a person who has given them this order, the most important order. The worst that could ever exist …

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Paola Lo Giudice


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