Nowadays, consumerism has invaded us with advertising spaces, created on purpose to catch our attention and instill in us the desire to get things we don’t even need, through an increasingly targeted advertising on TV and on the Internet. 

We have got used to advertising and we often pay attention to it without realizing. We are caused to do so due to the use of persuading and repetitive images that surround us which remain impressed more than the advertised product. Many of our needs are not real but they are placed on us unconsciously and to have more credibility, advertisements make use of market analysis and psychological studies to establish marketing strategies that can manipulate consumer tastes and induce new trends. 

A method of advertising to become more targeted and displaying content  cut out for specific  tastes of the individual user are cookies and online search tracking, which allow advertising companies to know our interests based on our personal searches and offer us ads in banners on the Internet pages or posts on social networks where are shown content based on our research.

Often these practices also become a problem for our privacy because these companies can collect our personal data and misuse it without our consent.

Advertising mainly exploits holiday periods such as Christmas or Easter which are based on the consumerist model and have as their objective to make the economy spin, such as for Easter eggs. Some of theme even become intrusive, such as spots during TV shows or advertisements that completely obscure the internet pages we are browsing. In order to prevent this there are laws to try to brake advertisement, in fact tv shows have to broadcast commercials spot within a limit quote and in newspaper there is a maximum number of pages where is possible to place it.

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Francesco De Lorenzo


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My trip in Malta gave me very good feelings! First of all, the school environment was very nice, and the teachers were.  very gentle and

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