What’s the weather like?

Sara: “Hello, Anna. It’s me”

Anna: “Hi Sara, what’s up?”

Sara:”Are you doing anything tomorrow? I’d like to go for a walk with you and Francesca”

Anna: “I’d like to go out too but the weather forecast says it will be windy and rainy all day”

Sara: “Oh no, bad weather again”

This is not simply a phone call but what is really happening in Sicily for a month now.

Is the weather going crazy? Drought in summer and floods in autumn? One day you can wear summer clothes and the day after you need boots and jackets. I know, climate is changing and Mediterranean seawaters temperature is warmer than normal, so when cold air mass moves over the sea, a tropical – like cyclone forms bringing strong winds and rain to Mediterranean coasts.

Horrible weather is hitting our island. In October Medicane (Mediterranean Hurricane) caused a great deal of damage in eastern Sicily. In Catania and Siracusa squares and streets turned into lakes and floods became deadly: 2 people died getting swept by the rising water and other people had to leave their houses damaged by the torrential rain. Schools and shops were closed. Rescuers helped people in danger moving by boat. One week ago another wave of bad weather struck western Sicily and in Mazzara Del Vallo a tornado damaged houses, farms and fences.

Fortunately, in my town, Roccalumera, and in the neighboring areas heavy rain caused just some landslides that were soon removed. All but one: the landslide in Capo Alì. Every year state road 114 is closed because landslides in capo Alì stop the traffic and this year again. This situation creates serious problems to people that use this road to go to work. My aunt, for example, that lives in Itala and works in Taormina, has to take the motorway Messina – Catania to go to work and to come back home. I have to do the same if I want to visit my grandma.

When I was a child, bad weather made me feel happy: I loved standing in front of the fireplace looking at the rain hitting the windows. Now bad weather makes me feel sad. I can’t go to school and meet my mates because schools are closed and I’m always afraid that something bad might happen.

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