What I think of the war

Hi everyone, I’m Gabriele Gervasi and I’m 13 years old. Today I will tell you what I think about the war.

As we all know, the war started a month ago, this in my opinion is an insult to previous generations, who lived and fought the First and Second World Wars.

On one side I defend Ukraine, as I think that every country is free to do what it wants; on the other side, I defend Russia, because, with the eventual entry of Ukraine into NATO, the Americans would locate military bases on the Russian border.

I am unfavorable to war, as it would weaken the world population.

As we can see, many people are dying or deciding to leave their country to take refuge in a safer one.

I sincerely hope that Europe doesn’t intervene, because there is a risk of World War III breaking out. At the same time, I put myself in the shoes of Ukrainians who would feel betrayed by Europe.

To conclude, I hope that this war ends here and that the situation does not get worse.

“All we are saying is give peace a chance”, as John Lennon sang.

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Gabriele Gervasi


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