Welcome to Palermo, Sicily, a land of hospitality with an invaluable historical and cultural heritage. Here you will surely be attracted by all these things and also by the food. Palermo expresses the history of its land in an even more exciting way. Here, a multitude of cultures and dominations have left their mark on the palaces, gardens, works preserved in museums and local cuisine. Its strategic and military position within the Mediterranean meant that the invaders aimed at the city of Palermo before any other and along its streets the Greeks, Romans, French, Spanish and many others walked.
The old town is full of baroque palaces, their facades rich with statues, while the traditional evening promenade-the “passeggiata”-is very much alive here in the summer.
“Quattro Canti” is the centre of the city, divided into four quarters.
It’s a popular place to stop and look at the impressive sculptures.
Palermo offers many tiny, hidden and beautiful churches and a multitude of statues, fountains and monuments.
There are several beaches in Sicily that are situated in (or very near to)Palermo including Mondello, Aspra, Cefalù, San Vito lo Capo, Isola delle Femmine and Arenella.

Warm weather and stunning coastline are the main reasons most tourists venture here. Tongues of golden sand that throw themselves headlong into the calm sea, in a simply irresistible historical context.
When you learn that Palermo was recently voted the European Capital of Street Food, then you know holiday foodies are in for a treat. So, where do you start?
Arancini (famous Sicilian rice balls with choice of meat or bacon)

Panelle (simple squares of chickpea fritters)

Ricotta cheese is the protagonist of two masterpieces: the cassata, the symbol of the island’s pastry tradition and cannoli.

If you are not yet convinced to visit Palermo, a brioche with artisanal ice cream will convince you. 😉

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My trip in Malta gave me very good feelings! First of all, the school environment was very nice, and the teachers were.  very gentle and

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