War between Russia and Ukraine 

In the last month there has been a lot of talk about this conflict between Russia and Ukraine. In fact, on february 21, 2022, Russia invaded Ukrainian territory. Right now there are a lot of people trying to emigrate from Ukraine to go to the nearest borders, these people have to leave their homes destroyed because of the war. Many people, however, could not escape so they took refuge in hospitals and dungeons without light. Ukrainian President Zelenskyencourages the population to resist the attacks of Russia, many Ukrainian citizens who emigrated to other countries have decided to return to Ukraine to defend their homeland.  Nowadays a war would be devastating also for the economy but above all for the population in fact only with “normal” bombs the population is in serious danger, but also the environment would repay the consequences.In my opinion the war would lead to death, destruction and devastation, I hope that this conflict can end as soon as possible.

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Samuele Basile


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