War and Peace

Who thought that at the threshold of 3000, we could witness a real war! Who knew that making a war today was so easy after the wars we have left behind! Whoever believed that the very horror of war that once left us, was so simple to revive?

War … a word that arouses fear and terror even just thinking about it. Why does man never learn from his mistakes?

In February 2022, Vladimir Putin’s forces invaded Ukraine in the largest military attack in Europe since World War II.

At the threshold of 3000, we have discovered that there are still populations living under dictatorship; that’s why I feel like expressing all my dissent at the very thought of all that is happening these days.

It is not possible to see women and children risking their lives and men fighting to protect their homeland just because a man plays war like nothing has happened.

Sometimes I’m ashamed of belonging to mankind, and this is one of those times. Man has always had a dark side, he has always coveted power, money, he has always been envious of the “victory” of his neighbour.

I hope that all this horror will end as soon as possible, that peace will come as near as possible for all the Ukrainian and Russian populations (because not even the Russian population agrees with the decision of its president) and that they will find an agreement as soon as possible.

I wish peace for the whole world, because it is in turmoil and does not know how to deal with this situation.

Peace … simple word of 5 letters, which encloses any positive abstract name we can imagine, such as: kindness, goodness, trust, love and respect. We young people are the future and I hope we learn from this present not to make the same mistakes tomorrow.

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Giuseppe Giannetto