Volleyball, of all team sports is probably the sport that best benefits from interventions on non-techinical variables. It Is infact the sport in which the cognitive, emotional and relational components are, for various reasonx, amplified and this in turn multiplies the impacts on the result, both positive and negative .

The rules

The playing field is rectangular in shape of 18 ×9 m, a net divides it into two square holves of 9×9 m, each assigned to one the two teams. In turn, the two halves are conventionally divided into other 6 rectangles that mark the place. They go from place 1 to place 6 and turn counterclockwise.


The match consists of 5 sets. The first 4 of 25 points each, the Last, called a “tie break” of 15. The game is divided into sets : a team wins the victory of a set upon reaching the twentyfifth point (with at least 2 point advantage). If both teams arrive at the 24th point, the set will end at 26, if both teams arrive at 25 points, it will reach 27 and so on.


  1. The serve, is one of the first attacking fundamentals that anyone who plays volleyball is required to learn :it is, infact, the action that serves to put the ball into play, throwing it into the opponent’s field.
  2. the bagher is an indispensable movement for defensive action: it serves to respond adequately to the opponents serve or dunk .
  3. in volleyball, attack is defined as any technical movement that manages to send the ball into the opponent’s court, but the main one is certainly the dunk.
  4. the block is another essential movement for defensive actions: it is the action carried out by the players on the front line to block the opponent’s attack.
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