Vintage is coming back to trend

With the term “vintage” we refer to objects that are at least 20 years old and have become “precious”. Nowadays many vintage objects are coming back, like the turntable, the Polaroid, the alarm clock…. They are popular again because people find these things fascinating. Also, there are many vintage items of clothing that are back in style: flared pants, leather jackets, oversized sweatshirts, floral shirts. You can buy vintage clothes in big second-hand markets or shops, like Camden Town in London. At first, vintage clothes were worn by farmers for comfort, not for beauty; when they tore apart, the farmers would patch them. Various groups such as rockabilly and swing dance have played an important role in the diffusion of vintage clothing. 

The vinyl was one of the strongest expressions of music. After the Second World War it became the main instrument for listening to music. The real success of vinyls occurred around the 70s, with rock and pop music. This passion is now back in fashion along with turntables. The turntables are back in the music shops and with just about 40 euros it is possible to return to listening to vinyl albums, both vintage and new. 

 The interior design is an icon representative of different styles and epochs.  If you look around your house, you might find something vintage. Born in a period of redemption, after the war, the 1950s interior design has become a status symbol and is still popular, just to give you one example…

Next time you see something “used”, remember it could be “vintage”, not old! So, don’t throw it away!

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Aurora Finocchiaro, Alfredo Stefio




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