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Today there are really many good films to watch. On February 17,2022, Uncharted was released. It is an action film and a lot of adventures take place all over the world. The film was created in collaboration with PlayStation, because a PlayStation series of Uncharted video games was released between 2007 and 2016 . The characters of the game are also the protagonists of the film. Nathan Drake is played by Tom Holland, who is the actor of the moment view that he is the main actor in Spider-Man; Victor Sullivan, or Sully, Drake’s trusted friend, is acted by Mark Wahlberg; Chloe Frazer is played by Sophia Taylor Ali. The enemies, Joe Braddock and Santiago Moncada are played by Tati Gabrielle and Antonio Banderas. Another character is Sam Drake, Nathan’s brother, who is played by Rudy Pankow.

I am a huge fan of Uncharted, I have played all video games and I have always loved the storyline. But now let’s talk about the film.

The story is focused on the young thief Drake and his first encounter with the professional treasure hunter Sullivan.

Nathan Drake and his brother Sam want to steal the map of Magellan’s journey around the world but the plan fails and Sam is put in prison. He manages to escape and leaves a particular ring, Sir Francis Drake’s ring, to his brother promising to come back for it.

Meanwhile Nathan grows up and finds himself in New York as a barman. He meets Victor Sullivan who says to be Sam’s friend and the two decide to find the treasure together. After some twists and turns Chloe Frazer, Sully’s friend, joins them on this treasure hunt.

Inside a church they find a path and, according to Magellan’s diary, they divide: a partner has to go to hell or underground while the other has to go to heaven or on Earth. After a long journey Chloe and Nate find a room with the treasure map inside but Chloe betrays Nate and takes the map to Moncada, another treasure hunter who believes he and his family are the rightful heirs of the treasure. The map indicates that the treasure is somewhere on an island in the East Indies.

Nate and Sully hide on the plane to the treasure island, piloted by their enemies and Sully tells Nate that his brother was probably killed.

More twists happen, and Nate finds himself again with Chloe in the treasure hunt. On the island, Nate finds out where the treasure is thanks to a postcard from Sam and, after giving Chloe the wrong coordinates, he goes alone to Magellan’s ship. Some time later, Sully joined him. All their enemies arrive too and the final struggle between them takes place. Nate and Sully win.

At the end of the movie there is a beautiful scene of friendship when Sully, in order to save Nate, throws away his backpack with the treasure.

Nate and Sully come back to America by helicopter taking just a couple of golden items with them. But they plan a new treasure hunt

I hope that this saga continues because it is truly amazing and exciting and Tom Holland is a wonderful movie star

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