Ukraine-Russia war

In this article I’m gonna talk about the war between Russia and Ukraine,

It all started in February 2022 when a normal day the Ukraine people escaped from their homes afraid of the explosion near them.We all wanted and want to help Ukraine, the N.A.T.O, and the UE too.

Many nations sanctioned Russia and they didn’t buy Russian things anymore.

Now I wanna say something that I think about this war:

First I wanna say that before the war Putin was my favorite president but now is Kim, Then Putin is sending teenagers into a war that are pacific and don’t want to fight. He is arresting people that want justice and say the truth. I still don’t know why a super-rich president with a happy life is doing this. Zelensky and his people are fighting Russia with all his strength but Russia is stronger than Ukraine.But in this world there are good people like in Poland, Moldova etc. that give hospitality at Ukraine kids and pregnant mothers,the other go-to fight for defeat something that is not defeatable if alone. But inevitably Russian army entered in Kiev and right now russian soldier are killing innocent people.Putin says that in Ukraine there are nazist people, seems like he never look at himself.I hope Putin understand he are ruining human lives and all people hope to turn in their house without dying.

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